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Last summer I went on the Kenya Global Project. In the two months my time was divided between Nairobi (the capital city of Kenya) and a school in Kwale. God used the experiences I had in Kenya to open my eyes to the needs of his children all over the world. He is continuing to open up opportunites for me to serve him.

Unfortunatly keeping up with a blog is not my forte... and as soon I we returned to the States I forgot about it. Now, I'm going to start it up again and hopefully keep it up! You're welcome to bug me if I seemed to be slacking on posting:)

Assignment location- Kwale

Assignment location- Kwale

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ministry Assignment!

Habari! (which means "How are you?" and it's the only word I think I can spell)

We've been doing and learning so much so far! So I'll pick a highlight to tell you about! On Sunday we had the chance to go to a church that is also the location of a childrens centre. As soon as we got there we got to meet about a hundred children. They gave us tours of where the live and their garden. My new friend was named Charles, he was 8. After church, we got to spend more time with the kids, learning games and talking to them about what they had learned in their Sunday school classes. We also ate lunch with them, at the end the pastor the church told us about where the kids had came from. They had been rescued from the streets in Nairobi and were brought to live at this centre, where there would be food and a community for them. They are also taught about Jesus and how much he loves them. I was ready to keep Charles:)

Last night we got our ministry assignments! I'll be headed to Kwale with my partner, Katie. It's about a 13(ish) hour drive south of Nairobi, and it's about an hour away from the coast. Once we're there we'll be working with a local pastor in a Muslim community. We'll mainly be working with the local women and children. During the days we'll be spending time in a school, we'll also be reaching out into the community through house visits during the evening. There is also a feeding program for the people there, and we'll be involved in prayer ministry to the people. So a lot:)!

Please pray for my partner and me during our assignment.
For... ways to build trust and relationships with the Muslim women in our community and open doors to share the gospel with them.
(I suppose you could pray for all that safe travel and health stuff too:)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

First post from kenya!

so we're here! after twenty some-odd hours on a plane:)

We're staying at Watakefuwote (i think that is how you spell that) which is a catholic center outside of a town called ngong. The first day we had a couple sessions and then went down into ngong to talk to people and experience the place. after buying some essentials, like laundry soap and toilet paper, we were able to wander the market. the kids are so cute! and i recieved my first proposal, (then i ran away) so it must have been a good day!

Day two we went to the mathare valley slum and then we visited to the sanctuary of hope childrens home. The fact that people live in a place like mathare valley is unbelievable and heart breaking. it was good to see the sanctuary of hope afterwards, to see children who had been rescued and play with them.

Today is a day in nairobi to experience the market and city life a little bit, and get more comfortable using the little bit of swahilli we know.

Well, that's about it...
thanks again for your support and prayers
and please keep praying for boldness to talk to people and compassions to love them well
... and anything else you can think of:)