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Last summer I went on the Kenya Global Project. In the two months my time was divided between Nairobi (the capital city of Kenya) and a school in Kwale. God used the experiences I had in Kenya to open my eyes to the needs of his children all over the world. He is continuing to open up opportunites for me to serve him.

Unfortunatly keeping up with a blog is not my forte... and as soon I we returned to the States I forgot about it. Now, I'm going to start it up again and hopefully keep it up! You're welcome to bug me if I seemed to be slacking on posting:)

Assignment location- Kwale

Assignment location- Kwale

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LONG overdue!

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the ridiculous wait for these pictures and this post!
Here are a coulple photos from my assignment in Kwale, where my partner and I were working at a school. The kids were great (and all of them loved pictures)!
There are way more pictures on my Facebook page- so if you haven't go take a look:)
OR I also have a bunch of them printed out more of less organized... and I would love to show them to you anytime!
Kindergarteners singing a song!