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Last summer I went on the Kenya Global Project. In the two months my time was divided between Nairobi (the capital city of Kenya) and a school in Kwale. God used the experiences I had in Kenya to open my eyes to the needs of his children all over the world. He is continuing to open up opportunites for me to serve him.

Unfortunatly keeping up with a blog is not my forte... and as soon I we returned to the States I forgot about it. Now, I'm going to start it up again and hopefully keep it up! You're welcome to bug me if I seemed to be slacking on posting:)

Assignment location- Kwale

Assignment location- Kwale

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We finished our assignment!

Hi everyone!

We arrived back in Nairobi safely this morning, after an overnight bus ride from Mombasa to Nairobi. I'm a little bit tired after that one:)
Kwale was amazing! I loved it so much. We stayed with Pastor Felix, his wife Norah, their 14 month old daughter, and two house helps. Our host family took very good care of us. It was very hard leaving them all. At the school we worked with the 14 teachers, who were all wonderful. They confused us with complicated handshakes, fed us chai until we thought we would explode, and made us feel very welcome. It was also very hot! I was almost a puddle for the whole three weeks:) It was great being a part of their lives for the last few weeks, they went so quickly it was almost scary.
While we were there we worked in Mwangaza (lish) visionary school. Every day we led devotions with the students and teachers (between my partner Katie and me we gave more than 50 talks in three weeks!). We were also able to tell the kids about Jesus, and just spend time with them. I will have to get used to not being called Madame... A lot of our time was used preparing what we were going to say. It was good to be there to encourage the teachers, who as Christians are such a small minority in their community. Encouraging and the Christians of Mwangaza was a big part of our ministry. When we weren't speaking we were talking to kids and drawing five thousand posters/diagrams/charts/maps for the classroom walls-which we also got to help paint while we were there! The school looked great! (5000 is only a slight exaggeration)
I loved the older kids, and Katie loved the younger children, so it worked out very nicely:) In the school and teachers we were able to see both God's goodness and faithfulness in providing for and protecting the school. Your prayers for the school, it's needs and the difficult ministry it is undertaking are totally appreciated.

Now that we're back in Nairobi and together with the entire group we'll be doing different work days around the area including in the slums and in orhphanages, we'll also be doing some Muslim and Hindu outreaches. So we will be learning a lot, and facing some interesting challenges.

Please pray that our hearts will stay open to God in the next few weeks, and that we'll have effective ministry with the the Kenyan people we meet. Prayers for health and safety are also needed:)

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!
Happy late 4th of July,

In Christ,

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